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Must Have Items

Must Have Items


11 Things You Should Have for Watching Races

You may worry about what you should take to your first outing to the circuit the most, and if there is no one around you who has been to the circuit for watching races, you won’t quite get to know what would be useful.
That is why I would like to introduce some items that will be useful to you if you take them to the circuit. I hope this will help you to think about what to take with you.

  1. 1.Backpack


    It will be considerably crowded, so you would feel that tote bags are considerably inconvenient. I think this is a must on top of anything.

  2. 2.Cap


    Basically there are no roofs at the circuit, and you will be exposed to the direct sunlight while you watch the races, so this is also essential for the prevention of sunstroke. As you can see from the photos of the photo gallery, if possible, you may want to wear the one that has something to do with the racing event. Various caps are sold at the shops at the circuit, so if you don’t have one that is just right, why don’t you get one at the circuit?

  3. 3.Comfortable shoes

    Comfortable shoes

    When you go to Suzuka, and also after you arrive at the circuit, you will walk a lot anyway. If you wear shoes that are not practical, you will get blisters on your feet, so it is a good idea that you don’t wear boots or shoes with heels. At least you should wear some kind of walking shoes. Trekking shoes are the best. You should also think about the possibility of rain, so please consider the waterproof.

  4. 4.Raincoat or poncho


    If it rains, please watch the race wearing this. Something that can be folded and put into your pocket would be enough, but if you can afford, you may want to have something related to the race event. It is also a good idea to choose a slightly larger size and wear over the backpack that you carry when it rains.

  5. 5.Towel


    You will walk a lot, so you may sweat more than you expected. It would be better to take it with you. It won’t look strange even if you wear it around your neck walking around at the circuit. It is very useful especially when it rains. The towel scarf with the name of the team on it is very convenient as it becomes the rooting item when you spread it.

  6. 6.Pocket tissue


    There are a lot of portable toilets installed, and there could be no paper in the toilet! It is better if you also have wet wipes.

  7. 7.Cushion


    Basically the chairs are plastic ones, so they are hard and you may feel the pain in your bottom. Shops at the circuit sell various air cushions, so it may be a good idea to buy one at the shop there.

  8. 8.Race ticket

    If you have bought an advance ticket, be careful not to leave the ticket at home inadvertently! In case of advance tickets, most of them are valid for two days. Keep it safe so that you don't lose until the race is over!

  9. 9.Ticket holder

    It is convenient to have one to prevent the loss of ticket because it is not possible to reissue it by any chance if the ticket is lost. If you do not have one, please check the shops as they sell the ticket holders at the circuit!

  10. 10.Sunblock cream or spray

    Sunblock cream or spray

    The grandstands at the circuit usually do not have roofs that block the sunlight so much. Especially when you go to each corner to watch the race, you will be watching the race in the sun. In order to prevent sunburn, you should remember to bring one with you!

  11. 11.Smartphone charger

    smartphone charger

    You may be using your smartphone and mobile phones a lot to get information and/or take photos at the circuit. Then, the battery is consumed earlier, so please have a portable charger with you. It is the most painful that the battery is out at the important timing.