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Suzuka Circuit is larger than expected! How should we go from the parking lot, from each gate, to that place...?
In order to answer such a question, the staff took the camera and actually "walked"!
Please use this as a reference.

From Suzuka Circuit Ino Station to Suzuka Circuit

Suzuka Circuit Ino Station ~ Main Gate
[Estimated time required: about 25 minutes]


A walking route, recommended especially on the big race days, from the Ise Railway "Suzuka Circuit Ino Station". Now, I walked to the main gate!

Suzuka Circuit Ino Station ~ South Gate
[Estimated time required: about 18 minutes]


Let’s go to the “South Gate” that opens at the time of Suzuka 8 hours and others from Suzuka Circuit Ino Station!

Suzuka Circuit Ino Station ~ 1 Corner Gate
[Estimated time required: about 15 minutes]


Let’s go to the “First Corner Gate” that opens at the time of F1 Japanese Grand Prix and others from "Suzuka Circuit Ino Station"!

From the parking lot to the main gate

Parking P7 ~ Main Gate
[Estimated time required: about 8 minutes]


Such a spacious parking lot of Suzuka circuit. Well, how do you go to the main gate? So I went there!

From the main gate to the international racing course

Main Gate ~ 130R
[Estimated time required: about 12 minutes]


“This is my first time watching the race at Suzuka Circuit! How should I go to the racing course?” If you think so, please take a look at this first!
It is a video from the main gate to that "130R".

Main Gate ~ Padock
[Estimated time required: about 10 minutes]


This is the one that I walked from the main gate to the paddock. Go through Motopia, go down the paddock tunnel and let's go!

From the paddock center house to each Gekikan area

Three Gekikan areas that can be accessed directly from the paddock. It is a special place with a great impact where you can watch the running machine at close range!
Now, let's walk from the "Center House" in the center of the paddock!

Center House ~ Gekikane area (Second Corner)
[Estimated time required: about 8 minutes]


Center House ~ Gekikane area (Last Corner)
[Estimated time required: about 6 minutes]


Center House ~ Gekikane area (To the Esses)
[Estimated time required: about 3 minutes]


From the GP Square to various places

GP Square ~ D
[Estimated time required: About 16 minutes via First Corner / about 8 minutes via Paddock]


Move from the GP Square to the D Grandstand. Until now, it was necessary to make a large detour (in the direction of First Corner or via the Reverse Bank Tunnel), but when using the "the Esses Tunnel" that was introduced in 2017, how much time is saved ...!?

GP Square ~ S-PLAZA
[Estimated time required: about 7 minutes]


Notable Suzuka Circuit Hotel Restaurant S-PLAZA, which offers special menus at the time of the race. It is closer than expected if you know the way, but many people seem to not know the place. So I left the GP Square!

GP Square ~ Aqua Adventure
[Estimated time required: about 4 minutes]


After all for summer is the swimming pool! "Aqua Adventure" is very popular among children and adults alike. Monitors are installed in the swimming pool in the summer big races such as 8 hours, and you can enjoy the race while cooling. Well, how should I go from the GP Square ...