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Rules & Manners Before the Visit


  • When you ride the attractions, please check the age and height limits and enjoy them safely.
  • Please note that a part of operation of the attraction may be suspended due to the bad weather and/or other reasons such as inspections and maintenance.
  • Please check the dates of operations and operating hours in advance for the Circuit Challenger at the International Racing Track.
  • Children under the permitted age cannot ride the single-seater attractions.


  • Please be kindly advised that you are not allowed to bring food and drink into the park.
  • Please note that you cannot use all the facilities of Suzuka Circuit together with your pet. Also, we do not have any facility to keep your pet, so please use the pet hotels in the surrounding area.
  • Any mobile vehicles such as bicycles, kick scooters and tricycles are not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to run with the shoes with rollers in the park.
  • Menus introduced in this website are subject to change due to the seasons.
  • We kindly ask you not to use the small aircrafts (such as drones and radio-controlled planes) without permission on the premise as they may hinder the business operation.

Information on SMOKING Areas

Information on Closure