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For a more pleasant spectator experience

Good etiquette

About saving seats in all areas around the circuit including places for watching the races, shady spaces and rest areas

  1. We may remove personal belongings left unguarded for a long time in places/seats for watching the races or personal belongings that seem to be left in order to save a place for watching the races by unknown owners.
    *Please take your personal belongings such as ground/picnic sheets every time when you leave a place.
    Leaving personal belongings to save viewing spaces for people to sit when there is no one there may cause a lack of available viewing spaces for other spectators. So, please refrain from this practice.
    You may be asked to reduce the space you have saved if we judge it to be too large for the number of users. In the case, please follow the instructions given by the staff.
  2. We will immediately remove any gummed tape or craft tape used to save a viewing place/seat.
    *Using tape in this way may cause the clothes of persons who take the seat later to be dirtied or may damage the paint on the seats.
    In some cases, you may be fined for the actual expense of repairing damage to the seats caused in this way.
  3. The ‘Guide MAP & TIME TABLE’ is distributed free of charge in the circuit for spectators. We will remove them immediately if they are left to save a place/seat.
    *Please understand that we may be unable to distribute the ‘Guide MAP & TIME TABLE’ to all spectators if you use them for other purposes such as saving a place.
  4. We will remove all personal belongings used to save a place/seat after races and attractions are concluded each day.
    *From the standpoint of fairness, we will remove all of personal belongings left to save a place/seat for the following day. Any locks or the like used for such purposes will be cut open and removed.
    At the end of events on Fridays, when unreserved seats will be switched to reserved seats for Saturday, please remove all of your personal belongings, even though you may be using the same seat on Saturday.
  5. Please refrain from watching the races from places outside the seating areas, including passageways and stairs, and also refrain from taking pictures while standing when watching the races.
    *It will disturb the view of other people sitting behind you.
    We will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for damage, defacement or loss of chain locks and the like that we have to remove from seats.

Taping/fixing of cheering banners to facilities, and use of cheering flags

  1. Please refrain from taping/fixing cheering banners to the handrails located on the left and right ends of the stands. Please put them up at the places where they do not disturb the view of other people, such as the fences at the top back of the stands or under the fence at the very front row of the stands.
  2. We may remove such banners and flags if we judge them dangerous due to strong winds, incomplete fixing and so on.
  3. We will remove them if we judge them to have unsuitable contents such as URLs, or corporate logos unrelated to the events and the like.
  4. We may decline requests to set them up if our staff judges them to be too large.
  5. We will remove them if they are annoying other people because they block the breeze, offend the eye or cause unpleasant feelings. We will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for their damage, defacement or loss and the like.

Articles requiring caution when brought to or used in spectator areas

  1. Please use a raincoat or poncho when watching the races in rainy weather. Please refrain from using umbrellas/parasols which can disturb the view of other people in the spectator stands or on the race track during an attraction. Umbrellas and the like can also cause injury or accidents through contact when it is crowded.
  2. Use of megaphones, air horns, drums or other sound-generating apparatus capable of emitting sound of large volume is prohibited.
  3. Use of an apparatus which emits strong light like laser pointers is prohibited.
    *However, this shall not apply to a flashlight, a flash device for camera and the like.
  4. Please refrain from using any of the ‘Selfie sticks’ now in fashion for Smart phones in the spectator seating areas and other crowded areas where they may disturb the view of others, and also for reasons of safety
  5. Bringing pets into the circuit grounds is strictly prohibited (except for a specially trained dogs like a guide dog, a hearing dog, a nursing care dog and the like).
  6. Using and bringing a bicycle, a kick skater, a roller board into the circuit grounds is strictly prohibited.
  7. Making a bonfire, having a barbeque or playing with fireworks on the circuit grounds is strictly prohibited.
  8. Using or bringing a generator, a compressor, fuels and the like into the circuit grounds is strictly prohibited.
  9. Connecting a chair or a stepladder to any facilities in the circuit grounds by means of a chain rock or the like is strictly prohibited.
    We may confiscate such items if users fail to comply with our warnings or instructions.


  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the spectator areas. Please smoke in the designated smoking areas located around the stands.
    *Please cooperate with the separation of areas for smokers and non-smokers in the facilities. Please refer to the ‘Guide MAP & TIME TABLE’ for the location of smoking areas
  2. Smoking while walking is not allowed under any circumstances due to its danger.
    *It is prohibited under any circumstances because of the risk of burns by the many children that may come to the circuit.