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History and Outline of STEC

The origin of Suzuka Circuit Traffic Education Center is the training for motorcycle police officers that started in 1964.
The international racing track, which was completed in 1962, was also used and we have created various training programs based on the theory regarding the car driving and behavior.
And we have provided information on the road safety to all the traffic participants including professional drivers and riders.

Training for Motorcycle Police Officers at the Time of Establishment

We want to make the “Society with no accidents” where not only people driving cars and riding motorcycles but everyone who uses the roads can be safe.
Safe driving training based on the concept of Honda's "Safety for Everyone" has received many students not just within Japan but from overseas.

Overseas Instructors Study
and Training

Honda Instructors’

Motorcycle Police
Officers Training

Concept of STEC

Education to “people” is important.

It is “people” who drive cars. It is also “people” who cause accidents. It is also “people” who get involved in the accidents. In order to prevent traffic accidents, not only the driving skills but also right knowledge, good manners and morals for coexisting with a variety of people and cars, and above all the communication skills are necessary. However, the “education to people” isn't that easy.

“People to People Connection”
that is led by the “Experience” and the “Theory”

Suzuka Circuit Traffic Education Center aims to get people to become friendly drivers and pedestrians who cherish the “people to people connection”.
Education there leads people to experience “my position” and “the other party's position” through practice, think about them with theories and deduce what they should do.
We believe that the conclusion that they themselves have experienced, thought and derived can lead them to the “sustainable activities for safety” accompanied by their own awareness and confidence.

Target People for TrainingThere are various learners.

International Racing Track
  • Heavy Truck Drivers
  • Police Officers / Fire Fighters / Postal Workers
  • Vehicle Development Drivers
  • Various Companies using Cars and Motorbikes for Work

Motorcycling and Driving schoolYou can learn about cars and motorcycles with fun

Meeting for parents and kids
enjoying motorbikes

Driving school

Motorcycling school

Facilities of STECVarious situations can be reproducible.

Rainfall / WET / Road Surface with Compacted Snow / Intersection / People or Things Dashing Out etc.

Vehicles of STEC

4-wheelfrom compact cars to sport cars: 10 types of cars, about 100 cars

2-wheelfrom scooters to big motorbikes and off-roaders: 20 types of motorbikes, about 250 motorbikes

Conventions and competition

Various meetings are implemented at STEC as their venues, such as competition for the instructors, driving skills and teaching training for Honda’s instructors, and corporate conventions for safe driving.

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