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Amusement Space

Bowling Circuit Bowl

Bowling Main Visual
  • 32 lanes where up to 160 people can enjoy the games! Easy calculation with auto scorer by computer.
  • You do not need to compile the order of the group. We are also offering lanes without garters that even small children can enjoy as well as balls for infants from 5 pounds and a pitch supplementary table.

Information on Business Hours

  • Weekdays14:00~22:00(Order time 14:00~21:30)
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays10:00~22:00(Order time 10:00~21:30)
  • ※ The operating hours in the spring, summer and winter holidays are from 10:00 to 22:00 (21:30 reception closes).
  • ※ At the time of races and/ events, business hours may be changed.
  • ※ A special rate will apply for New Year’s days.

Information on Fees

Basic Fees

Weekdays Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
General 1 game 480 JPY 530 JPY
Students 1 game 370 JPY 430 JPY Please present your student ID card.
Infants 1 game 370 JPY 430 JPY
Rental shoes 1 pair 320 JPY 320 JPY Please be sure to wear socks.

Discount Benefits

Weekdays Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Suzuka Circuit Hotel Guests
Family camping guests
1 game + Rental shoes 680 JPY 750 JPY
2 games + Rental shoes 850 JPY 950 JPY
3 games + Rental shoes 1,060 JPY 1,210 JPY
Those with a Motopia Annual Passport
Those with a Motopia passport
Those with a race watching ticket
SMSC members
2 games + Rental shoes 850 JPY 950 JPY

Group Fee (15 people or more)

Set content Weekdays Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Fun set 2 games 2 games + drink 1,100 JPY 1,200 JPY
Fun set 3 games 3 games + drink 1,300 JPY 1,450 JPY

Information on Facilities

  • 32 lanes per floor (including 16 lanes without a gutter)
  • Balls: 5 pounds to 15 pounds
  • Shoes for rent: 14 cm - 32 cm * Please be sure to wear socks for safety and hygiene reasons.

Notes on lane reservation (Only for groups of 15 people or more)

  • The maximum number of lanes available per group is 32 lanes. Also, the minimum number of people in one lane is three people.
  • Shoes and balls for infants are also available. Please do not hesitate to consult us for requests for tournaments and progress etc.

Parking Fee Refund Service (for ordinary cars and motorcycles)

If you use more than 1,000 JPY per settlement, parking fee will be refunded. Please show your parking ticket at checkout.

  • * We will collect parking tickets at the time of parking fee refund.
  • * Those who do not have parking tickets are not eligible.
  • * It is valid only on the displayed date.
  • * Dates holding races and events will be excluded.


TEL 059-378-3401

Order time

  • Weekdays 14:00~22:00
  • Weekends / National Holidays 10:00~22:00