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Amusement Park MOTOPIA

SUZUKA CIRCUIT TOP Amusement Park MOTOPIA Racing Theater

Racing Theater

“Watch, Try and Meet the Genuine Things”

“Racing Theater”, the collection of technologies, experience and wisdom developed in the history of Suzuka Circuit for over 50 years. Meet the unprecedented new motorsport world.

Capacity Main Theater: 60 seats / Wheelchair seat: 4 seats
Motopia passport Can be used
Charge 800JPY / person

What’s Racing Theater?

“Racing Theater” where you can meet the genuine things

This is an attraction that all family members from small children to adults can enjoy together and that provides them with various activities where they can get the real feel of the motorsport such as “Main Theater” as a main feature where people can experience the overwhelming speed and power that the racing drivers actually watch and feel using the sensory sound system that conveys the sound with the vibration, sound effects and the 19m-widescreen.
Not only the racing fans who have been familiar with motorsport, but also people who have enjoyed the joy and pleasure of operating vehicles at “Kochira's Putti Town” in “MOTOPIA” can experience the more-advanced world of motorsport with the entire family.


Full line-up of activities where you can really feel the motorsport with the full-scale racing experience attraction by the world's first sensory sound system as a main feature.
Experience the more-advanced world of motorsport.

Entrance Hall

Formula machines that the main character drives in the story of “Main Theater” and the racing motorcycles are on display.


At the “Information” you can check the information on the events held on the international racing track, motorsport experience and the MOTOPIA. You can also see the helmets of the former racers on display.

Feel the Motorsport

Streamlined racing machines being drawn on the wall and the racing machines running through.
At the "Feel the Motorsport", you can feel the motorsport intuitively with the sounds and images.

Waiting Garage

At the Waiting Garage, you will get ready for the race that unfolds in the “Main Theater”.
Your excitement and expectation will be increased in the pit garage before the race that has been faithfully reproduced.

Main Theater

At the “Main Theater”, the formula car racing is showcased at Suzuka Circuit as its stage. Seating in a bucket seat, the race with so much presence will be shown with the full-scale wide screen and sensory sound system.
Anyone from children to adults will run through Suzuka Circuit as a racer.
Only at the Main Theater people who are 3 years and older are allowed.

Discover Motorsport

At the Discover Motorsport, with “discovery” as a theme, using head and body, you will try various skills needed for the racers to win the races such as “judgment”, “kinetic vision” and “technology”.
You can have a total of 14 types of experiences such as driving position experience and steering wheel weight experience where you can touch the actual items.

Legend of Suzuka

In the Legend of Suzuka the legendary races will be brought back.
Suzuka Circuit has generated plenty of excitement and emotions. You can watch some of the selected races from them with pictures and actual cars.

Solar Panels

The roof of the Racing Theater has the solar panels on it and generating as much power as to cover the lighting of the building!

No worries for the babies and kids

There are "Children's toilet" designed for children, nursing room, kitchenette, and elevator available, so there is no worry for the babies and kids to use them!