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Practice while lining up

There are steering wheels for practice in the waiting line. If you release the accelerator and then put the brakes, you will get a sound for correct answers, and if you put the brakes while accelerating, you will get a sound for incorrect answers.

Let's become one of them
You become more of that wearing a hat!

Become five professions and enjoy touring. There is also a hat that makes you become more of them.

Cute' motorbike that you won't fall

You are fine with the Pinky Bike if you can do accelerating, braking and easy steering wheel operation! You will get a card of the proof you did your best after the end of the ride.

Take a photo that you enjoy it

The fences in front of the course are low, so it is very easy to take photos. Let's take one of the best shots!

A photo area will be available to leave the memory of children of their first bike challenge in the "Pinky Bike", an attraction where they can experience while enjoying bike-specific operations, such as the accelerator and introductory braking.

Amusement park Motopia passport is accepted.