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Amusement Park MOTOPIA Overview


Motopia has a long history trailing that of the adjacent international race course.

The Suzuka Circuit opened its doors in 1962, but we wanted a wide range of visitors from young and old to be able to enjoy motor sports.
And so, in the following year we opened the amusement park next to the race track.

Initially the park was called Jidosha Yuenchi (Motorcar Amusement Park), where the present-day Motopia all started."

Motopia's concept calls for the pursuit of fun and excitement in maneuvering of the ride and for the facility to provide the feeling of achievement from a successful challenge.

Many of the rides at Motopia are motor-driven, but safe, or cart types where a certain level of decisions on which path you want to take are made. Since Motopia's inauguration the attractions have always provided a high level of satisfaction when a given goal was reached.

We are also focusing now on attractions where 2-3 year old toddlers can have fun with the accompaniment of an adult.

Finally, Motopia is not only about attractions. There are also many souvenir shops that sell our original goods on motor sports and special local produce as gifts, as well as numerous restaurants offering you a wide range of dishes to choose from. And we are putting effort in improving our level of hospitality to our customers.

Do come and enjoy Motopia, even if your initial intention to visit Suzuki Circuit was to see the international race course where the legendary races have been held next door.