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You will learn the rules like the green flag (start) and the checkered flag (finish).
Wear a full-scale, cool helmet and a bib.
What shape is the track?

At first, check the rules and course of "Moto Fighter" in the station.
Staff will teach you using the explanation board and bike.

Carbon is used in the cowl and wheels.It is a lightweight machine.
Maximum speed is approximately 15 km / h  I will practice not to fall?

Full-scale racing bike. Learn how to ride it on the practice track before you go for a time trial.
If you can ride it well, you can go on to the main track.

The first lap is for entering the track & warming up
The second and third laps are for time trials!
Enter the pit after the fourth lap!

Finally the main track. It is a time trial with up to six people.
Use your weight shift to get the fastest time!
It gets a speed limit if you go off the track. Be careful.

The course where difficulties await, such as the Esses and spoon curve.
When the time trial is over, receive a result.

The main track that incorporates features of the international racing course.
Let's try again and again to get the fastest time!

Aim for the fastest lap time!

A racing bike that lets people from children to adults can enjoy serious time trials.
Using accelerator work and weight shift, run through a course that incorporates the characteristics of the international racing course that hosts the F1 Japanese Grand Prix and Suzuka 8 hours such as the Esses and hairpin!

Amusement park Motopia passport is accepted.
* The A license of the attraction "Kids Bike" before renewal is also valid.