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A lot of devised ideas
A lot of devised ideas

The exclusive bike runs at the maximum speed at 5 km / h. It is designed to be lightweight and easy-to-use.
In addition, the gloves are marked with "stop" and "go" to make it easier for children to understand.

Take a lesson with friendly staff!
Original Learn how to ride a bike

First, according to the understanding level of the child in the practice course, the staff will teach basic operation one-on-one, so you have no worries.

Here we go! Debut on the main track!
It is okay even if you fall!

When you learn the basic operation, you will run on the main track by yourself. It's made of cushion material so that it's safe to fall, so it won't hurt!

You could ride it well!
Get an A-class license and go on to the next step!

If you successfully run on the main track, you will receive an A-class license card. If you have an A-class license, you can ride the "Moto Fighter" and "Acro Bike".
When using the "Moto Fighter" or "Acro Bike", please be sure to check the riding conditions.

A popular attraction "Kids Bike", where children can ride a bike alone with confidence with the support of the staff, is transformed into an environment where you can practice riding bikes better. If you clear the sections such as "Stop" and "Slalom", you will receive proof of achievement "A-Class License Card".

Amusement park Motopia passport is accepted.
* The A license of the attraction "Kids Bike" before renewal is also valid.