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Transform into a rider with cool equipment!
Choose your favorite helmet

When you take a lecture on how to operate, choose the equipment that suits you, such as a colorful helmet and cushioned bib.

Original Motocross Bike

The maximum speed is 10 km per hour. Absorb shock with bumpy block tires and suspension!

Get on a bike and start

Up to eight people run on the track. Run at your own pace!

Suzuka Circuit's First Off-road Track
Let's run through the difficult section

The track has a total length of about 190m, and 12 types of difficult sections await.

Let's clear the difficult section!

Challenge riding the original motocross bike on Suzuka Circuit's first three-dimensional off-road track.
Aim to clear various difficult sections such as bumpy roads and one straight bridge!

Amusement park Motopia passport is accepted.
* The A license of the attraction "Kids Bike" before renewal is also valid.